The Name Project

The Name project strives to meet a variety of learning goals. The Name Project was created as a fun, self-esteem building activity to teach APA citation and research skills to upper grade classes. Students begin by creating a parent interview questionnaire in the library in order to learn more about their first name and how and why it was chosen. Students conduct the parent interviews and return to the library with the information. The librarian presents proper APA citation for print sources. The next step is to research their first name in at least 3 baby name books. Students are required to keep notes and APA citations for each book utilized.

The computer teacher cooperates with this project. Students research their names on baby name websites during computer class. The computer teacher presents APA website citation format. Students also conduct Internet research for positive role models who share their first name.

At the culmination of this project, students present a visual representation of their name using the information they have gathered. The final product that is orally presented to the class is two-sided. The first side has the visual representation of their name and side two presents their written research notes and citations page.

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Student Assignments

Responses to the Name Project